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WWE is a heartbeat for millions of people who just love to see the amazing matches for wrestling by the players throughout the year. WWE takes the privilege of arranging special events for the fans as well. Talking specifically of the summer slam for the year 2017, we see that some spectacular matches were delivered by the wrestlers that are sure going to be a treat for the memory for years to come. The wrestlers from both the clubs of Raw and Smackdown participated in the matches and made it a historical event that earned a lot of appreciation and course dollars for the WWE.

Highlights of the WWE Summer Slam for the year 2017

We saw that there were five titles shifts in the matches, while each match was a visual treat and we saw that the crowd went crazy either cheering their favorite players or yelling at the opponents when their heroes didn’t make a good move. The main event was an amazing one that was waited since long and we all loved it.

Here we have gathered the highlights and the results of all the matches of the summer slam so that if you have missed any single one of them, you can get the idea how the things went on.

The Hardy Boyz and The Miz& The Miztourage Jason Jordan

This match was not a very much anticipated one, and the whole match and results were quite disappointing for the audience. Only a few hundred people showed up, and the match began real slowly. The Hardy Boyz were least excited about the match, and it ended up quite quickly after a few back to backs from Jordan.

Cruiserweight Championship– Neville vs. Akira Tozawa

This match was quite interesting as Neville reclaimed his title and got it back after a tense match with Tozawa. Both the players fought hard for the title, and each move was filled with blood and painful bangs. But in the end, Neville was the one who got the title.


SmackDown Tag Team Championship-The Usos vs. The New Da

This match wasn’t thought to be this much fun and thrill before it started but the amazing performance form both the teams and the joint efforts resulted in a well-deserved win for the Uso brothers.

John Cena vs. Baron Corbin

Again Cena was the one who won the title again and remained champion after kicking Corbin hard repeatedly over the whole match.

SmackDown Women’s Championship- Natalya vs. Naomi

As many of us had been predicting that the championship will belong to Natalya at the end of the day, so did happen. After several jaw breaking attempts from Naomi, it was Natalya whose final move dominated and won the title for her.

Big Cass vs. Big Show

This was one of the most boring matches of the whole event where the two Bigs were in front of each other and Amore was trapped in a shark cage above the ring. It was although an attempt form WWE to make the match interesting, people got bored with it soon, and the match ended after a lot of drama where Cass laid both Show and Amore down and claim his win.

Randy Orton def. Rusev

Again a rapid match that ended in the victory for Orton and the feud between the two seems to continue for a lot more time in the future.

Raw Women’s Championship- Sasha Banks def. Alexa Bliss

Initially, Bliss was taking over the match but all of a sudden Banks got things in her hands and got the title after a quick tap.

25 02 18

As the days of summer bring us a lot of fun treats, so does they bring the special sports events? One of the most popular sports events is the one for wrestling, an event that is known by the name summer slam. An event filled with extremely thrilling matches, exciting results, sudden change of the stories and a real visual treat for the the3 audience. Wrestlers from all over the world gather to show their strength and special sorts of matches are arranged that fill the audience with a lot of excitement.

So where is it going to happen?

The rumors were killing us about the location of the WWE summer slam, but the latest tweet from WWE regarding the date and venue has got us all more excited. It has been reported that the Summer Slam Week for the year 2018 is going to take place for the fourth consecutive year at the Barclay’s Center of Brooklyn. Four nights of incredible action are going to take place in Brooklyn filled with thrill and excitement for the audience. The Saturday, Aug 18th is going to be the takeover day. The next day, Sunday, Aug 19th will be the most significant event Summer Slam day. It will be LIVE RAW at Monday, Aug 20th and LIVE SMACKDOWN on Aug 21st.


What are the expected matches for the summer slam 2018?

Several stories are revolving around in the media and social media equally about the matches and how they are going to be performed. The most amazing one we have heard of so far is the one between Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon. Since Daniel has not been medically declared to be fit for the match, the question still is hanging in the midair that whether the match would be possible or not. Whatever the decision would be, we are excited to know about the results. The predictions for the matches tell us that all the matches are going to take place for the championship titles so far. There could be other matches as well as they evolve with the passage of time usually due to feuds of the wrestlers. Whatever the reasons are behind, we the lovers of the matches, just need a visual treat to rejoice ourselves.

What about the ticket?

As each day, we are drawing closer to the main event of the whole year, WWE Summer Slam, more and more tickets are being sold each day, and people are rushing to get the best seats booked. If you wish to be a part of all the fun, get online and get your ticket book for the event.

All the latest news till now are based on the predictions form the experts of the WWE world, the more information we get about the main event, the more we will keep you updated with all that is going on in WWE. Till then, make sure to get your ticket booked and don’t miss seeing all the fun live at Brooklyn.

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