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Mastering brisket is an art that makes smoking brisket for the big fight an ultimate gourmet event for great eating. Getting it right means smoking brisket the right way to get it all juicy, tender and flavorful for delicious chunks! If smoking on a gas grill is scary then this method will giveanyone a head start. Smoking it the right way keeps it from looking like a lump of charred meat and gives everyone that delicious meal too.

smoking brisket bbq

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Smoking the brisket: Easy steps

  1. Check the marbling of fat and deep red color which keeps it moist while smoking. The fat will drizzle it and keep fat thick if trimming is needed. Brisket is best fresh not frozen; limber not stiff and between 8 to 12 pounds for faster cooking.
  2. Prep the brisket early by trimming the fat by ¼ inches thick so that smoke cooks it better and always cut hard fatty chunks! Massage oil into every inch of meat without dripping and leave a shiny coat of oil. Add a rub of seasoning for extra flavor all over the brisket.
  3. Brisketcan cold for more steam while cooking or wait until less frozen. The fatty side on top with the meaty side at the bottom while fat melts on top while smoking. Smokers can be used for indirect smoking with any kind of wood for aroma and flavor butalways check the internal temperature of the brisket when smoking it regularly.
  4. The best temperature for smoking the brisket is best achieved with 225 degrees at 75 minutes optimal time. The best estimate for tender and juicy brisket without over-cooking and optional cooking temperatures is at 190 degrees but the fat content will determine how well cooked.A tender brisket is smoked at 225 to 230 degrees and put it in a cooler for 2 hours (203 degrees). It can sit for 10 minutes with an open foil to steam (makes it look like a roast).
  5. Wrap it air-tight with foil (two layers is better) at 165 degrees and keep it tight soit can cook longer and keep temperature from stalling and it tender. Mopping the brisket will keep it juicy and moist but cover it each time with a lid.The lid and foil wrap reduces heat loss when smoking. A sauce of ¾ apple juice with ¼ cooking oil will add flavor to the brisket as well.
  6. Best slices are made by removing fat on top to see what direction to cut against the briskets grain. Carving a brisket is easier with practice to get it right and this tenderizes the brisket slices cut and makes it juicy and delicious!

Delicious briskets all the time


Easy to follow steps for smoking brisket for the big fight that everyone will love for gourmet taste. The art of smoking briskets is easy to master and each time you’ll have juicy and tender brisket anytime you want too. Nothing beats smoking the best briskets for the big fight when family and friends will enjoy this tasty and delightful treat!

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